Forgiveness and Repayment


1. Qualified Christian Day School

Qualification of a Christian Day School is determined by a declaration in its bylaws of a Reformed perspective in keeping with the standards of Christian Schools International. The financial aid office at Calvin Theological Seminary be the sole judge of the qualification of a particular school.

2. Full-time Master of Divinity Student

Only full-time Master of Divinity Students with dependent children enrolled in a qualifying Christian Day School will be eligible for this assistance. Seminary students must be enrolled for ten hours each quarter to be considered full-time. If the seminarian becomes part-time or changes their degree program, no further assistance will be available until full-time status as a Master of Divinity student is reestablished.

3. Financial Need

The dollar amount of financial assistance provided to the full-time Master of Divinity student is determined solely by the level of tuition at a qualifying school and not on the financial capacity of the particular seminarian.

Tuition Assistance Loan

1. Loan Agreement

The tuition assistance provided through this program is in fact a zero interest loan. The qualified Master of Divinity student will sign a promissory note each year tuition assistance is provided. The promissory note will list the total loan amount for that year. This is a loan between the seminary student and Calvin Theological Seminary.

2. Amount of the Loan

The loan amount will be up to 50% of the tuition bill from the qualified Christian day school. The 50% limit will be based on each dependant child enrolled.

3. Loan Repayment

The Christian Day School Assistance Program loans will become due and payable six months following graduation or when the seminary student becomes ineligible. If a student regains eligibility, any payments required under the loan agreement would be suspended.

If the Master of Divinity student has graduated from Calvin Theological Seminary and has taken a call to serve a Christian Reformed Church, or has been ordained to another full-time position in the CRCNA, the monthly payments under the loan agreement will be suspended. If the graduate discontinues full-time service in the CRCNA, payments will begin after a six month grace period.

The loan is payable in 60 equal monthly payments. If payments are initiated and subsequently suspended, the number of such payments and any future payments shall not exceed sixty. The seminary or it’s designee will administer the collection of these payments.

4. Special Loan Dispensation

If the individual has served in full-time, ordained service in the CRCNA for sixty months, 50% of the original loan amount will be forgiven. For every additional 12 months of service, an additional 10% will be forgiven. The amount forgiven will not exceed the current outstanding balance owing on the original loan.