Chapel Renovation 2005

In the renovation process of the Chapel several values helped guide the decision making process: architectural integrity; financial and spatial stewardship; liturgical function with special focus on preaching, the sacraments, and the congregation; flexibility in the arrangement and spatial orientation; integration of arts in worship to include multi-media arts, visual arts, and music in a global context; and acoustics with maximal reverberation for singing in a space in which speech can still be heard clearly and distinctly.


Chapel entry hallway & architectural drawings (front facing east)


Front – facing east (with cross, blue mosaic tiles reminding us of baptism, and permanent pulpit) & Back – facing west (with choir/organ loft)

Side windows – facing north and south (clear glass windows hidden by wooden panels, stained glass windows nearly invisible from floor level with the large overhangs)



Chapel Entry Hallway

Architectural drawings – front facing west (First drawing shows chairs in prayer arrangement & second drawing chairs in lecture arrangement)

Front – facing west (original cross shortened and stained white, visual communication walls with hidden screens, versatile furniture, the blue stained glass windows are carried through in the carpet)

Back – facing east (organ and technology booth) & Side windows – facing north and south (clear windows exposed with overhang shortened to easily see stained glass, ceiling stained a lighter color to brighten the overall space)