Ad hoc Committees

  1. Christmas DinnerSocial/Fellowship
    A word from the Chair: “The demands of classes and homework can often stress us out, so the fellowship committee is a group that tries to add a little fun into the seminary community.  We plan and organize activities like Christmas around the World and the end of the year bash/barbeque with the hopes of being able to kick back for a while and just enjoy each other’s company.” Alex Prevette
  2. Deis NatalisDies Natalis
    A word from the Chair: “Dies Natalis (“Day of Birth”) is the seminary’s birthday and is one of the highlights of the year for faculty, staff and students.  On March 15, the community gathers for breakfast and a (student-run) show involving songs, skits, videos and general hilarity–all poking (good-natured) fun at seminary life.” Dave Van Berkel

  3. Town Hall
    Town Hall

    A word from the Chair: “The Town Hall Committee works to facilitate community dialogue on issues of common interest through hosting monthly “Town Hall” meetings.  Aiming at constructive discussion, not heated debate, we guide the community’s voice of truth and grace as it engages topics of communal concern in ways that edify the church and glorify God.” John Lee

  4. Curriculum, Course & Faculty Evaluation

    A word from the Chair: “We are committed to strengthening the core value of excellence in CTS by participating in the curriculum, course, and faculty evaluation process as requested by the vice-president of academic affairs. Our goal is to pursue the maintenance of an academic environment with high standards.” Daniel Yang

  5. Library

    A word from the Chair: “As a Th.M./Ph.D. representative, I serve on the Library Committee which is responsible for jurisdiction over significant library issues and policies, including the annual budget and staff appointments and reappointments. In this capacity, I try to keep in mind the needs of particularly the Seminary community, and also to bring forward its concerns.” Albert Gootjes

  6. Book Sale

    “Every session Student Senate sponsors a used book sale for the CTS community.  Students are encouraged to bring their used books and volunteers from Student Senate sell them!  The students keep 90% and Student Senate keeps 10% to fund various activities.” Mary Stegink

  7. Disciplinary

    The disciplinary committee is a faculty committee, on which two members of Student Senate serve. It adjudicates student appeals in disciplinary cases.