Student Life

Worship Opportunities

  • 7:40-7:50 am Monday through Friday – Morning Matins
  • 10:00 am Monday Reflections on Ministry Groups (M.A. students)
  • 10:00 am Monday Prayer Groups
  • 10:00 am Wednesday and Friday – Chapel services
  • 10:00 am Thursday – Periodic lectures and town hall meetings
  • 12:30 pm Wednesday Reflections on Ministry Groups (M.Div. students)
  • 6:00 am Monday through Friday – Korean prayer meeting
  • 7:00 am Saturday – Korean worship and breakfast
  • 5:00 pm First Friday of the month – Korean monthly worship service in chapel and dinner in the Student Center

Clubs & Organizations

Explore chances to experience leadership and internships as well as great opportunities to participate in the arts and various social and recreational activities here.

Social Activities

During the first week of the fall quarter there is an evening picnic dinner for the entire seminary community, including faculty, staff, students and their families. Students and spouses and friends are invited to an annual Christmas Around the World dinner with the faculty and staff. Every March the birthday of the seminary-Dies Natalis is commemorated with a day of festivities. Throughout the year potlucks, including some international meals, are planned by the students. Graduation breakfast is attended by graduates and the faculty on the morning of seminary graduation.

Diversity of Students

A three-week international student orientation program is held in August for new international students, and various special events involving international students, Canadian and American students are planned during the school year. North Americans who participate in the International Friends Program to help international students learn just as much from their international partners as the international students learn from them.


Subsidized marriage counseling is available up to $20.00 per session for up to 20 sessions (as long as funds last).

Karl Wierenga, a trained therapist with decades of experience in many areas of counseling, counsels Calvin Theological Seminary students and their spouses individually or as couples on Mondays in the Broene Counseling Center at Calvin College. Rev. Ardean Brock, Holland Home Chaplain on the Breton Woods Campus, sees female seminarians at her office in the Holland Home Breton Woods Campus. Appointment forms are available in the Dean of Students office. The cost per session is $10.00 co-pay.


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