Individual Counseling

Karl Wierenga, a trained therapist with decades of experience in many areas of counseling, counsels Calvin Theological Seminary students and their spouses individually or as couples on Mondays at CTS. The cost per session is a $10.00 co-pay.

Rev. Ardean Brock-VandenWall, a Calvin Seminary graduate, ordained CRC pastor, and licensed therapist has agreed to counsel Calvin Seminary female students. Her office is located at 2500 Breton Woods Drive SE, Grand Rapids. The cost per session is a $10.00 co-pay.

Please see Sarah Chun, Associate Dean of Students to pick up an appointment form before starting any of the above counseling.

Marriage Counseling

Subsidized marriage counseling is available for students with the seminary paying $50.00 per session and the student paying the balance–normally $20.00 per session.

All of these individual and marriage counselors maintain the highest standard of confidentiality. They do not report the content of conversations with clients to the seminary.

Group Counseling

Opportunities for group counseling are made available every Fall and Spring. These sessions are open to eight students at a time. Opportunity to sign up for group counseling will be made available via email well before the sessions start. The seminary pays half the cost, $160 per student.

Assertiveness Training and Emotional Intelligence Seminars

Assertiveness training seminars and Emotional intelligence (EQ) seminars are also offered periodically, normally once every two years.