Seeds of Justice, Harvest of Shalom


By Shannon Jammal-Hollemans, M.Div. student Nicholas Wolterstorff once wrote, “As we wind our way through this world and come across injustice, we meet a wounded God.” This past January, the wounds of God were all too evident on the trip that Dr. Mariano Avila led of eight students to Honduras. Yet the sound of God’s voice and glimpses of God’s face were unmistakably … [Read more...]

January Term in Turkey & Greece


When I first got the e-mail, I dismissed the idea altogether.  There was no way I could leave my wife and three children for two weeks for a biblical study tour.  Besides, it was too expensive.  Then a classmate convinced me to at least attend the informational meeting with him.  The two-week, all-inclusive trip to Turkey and Greece was explained in great detail – trips to … [Read more...]

Worship at CTS


Receive daily strength from living in a Spirit-filled community. Chapel is a wonderful opportunity for our community to worship God together. The format and style of chapels vary greatly--from meditations to testimonies to services of song and prayer, from organ to band to piano, from very quiet, contemplative chapels to exuberant, joyfully noisy (Ps. 100) chapels. Chapels … [Read more...]