PhD Celebration 2013


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The Ministry of Showing Up


This past weekend (October 5-6), I had the privilege of attending the Presidential Inaugurations of Dr. John Knapp of Hope College in Holland, Michigan, and of Dr. Melanie Humphreys of King’s University College in Edmonton, Alberta. (Yes – one was by car and the other by plane!) These events gave me an opportunity to wear my academic regalia, but why go to such events … [Read more...]

Even If Faith

Speaker: Jul Medenblik Chapel · October 9, 2013 Watch it on Vimeo … [Read more...]

20th Anniversary Celebration of the Ph.D. program -2013

Speaker: Richard Muller · October 9, 2013 Watch it on Vimeo … [Read more...]

Protected: Estate Gift Survey

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Encouraging one another

Speaker: Jeff Sajdak Chapel · September 25, 2013 Watch it on Vimeo … [Read more...]

Deep Skimming: What Would You Recommend?


In the last few weeks, we have been focusing on beginnings. We have begun a new academic year at Calvin Seminary. One of those days began with faculty processing in their academic regalia for Convocation and ended with some of those same faculty members wearing shorts for a seminary-wide picnic. It has been a good beginning. Last month I asked for your help in … [Read more...]

One Thing

Speaker: Jul Medenblik Chapel · September 13, 2013 Watch in on Vimeo … [Read more...]

Seminary Convocation 2013


Speaker: Mariano Avila Convocation · September 11, 2013 Watch it on Vimeo … [Read more...]

Tears and Joy


At the Synod of 2010, I was interviewed and affirmed as the 7th President of Calvin Theological Seminary.  That Synod was held at Trinity Christian College which is about a half-hour drive from the church where I was the founding pastor – New Life Church in New Lenox, Illinois. At the morning session of Synod after I was affirmed as President-Elect, the children of New … [Read more...]