Bavinck Conference 2012 – “Doctrine is for Preaching; Preaching is for Living”

Speaker: Todd Rester An introduction to Petrus van Mastricht's Theologia Theoretica-Practica 1st Afternoon Session · October 18, 2012 … [Read more...]

What Would Jesus Do?

Speaker: Heather Stroobosscher Chapel · October 17, 2012 Watch it on Vimeo … [Read more...]

A Liturgy for Deleting Numbers


As many of you know, I was an attorney for Southern Bell, one of the “Baby Bells” from the break-up of AT&T.  I used my background to help cajole busy service personnel to get memorable telephone numbers for New Life Church (462.0202), fax line (462.0505) and even for our home (485.1333).  With our family having an increased reliance on cell phones, we gave up our land … [Read more...]

Preview Day Nov 2, 2012

Preview Day Poster

Preview Day Nov 2, 2012 … [Read more...]

Holy Discontent

Speaker: Jul Medenblik Chapel · October 5, 2012 Watch it on Vimeo … [Read more...]

My Help Comes from the Lord

Speaker: Enrique Alvarez Chapel · October 3, 2012 Watch it on Vimeo … [Read more...]

1 Samuel 5

Speaker: Michael Goheen Chapel · September 28, 2012 Watch it on Vimeo … [Read more...]

God is on the Move

Speaker: Albert Strydhorst Chapel · September 19, 2012 Watch it on Vimeo … [Read more...]

Being the Body

Speaker: Jeff Sajdak Chapel · September 14, 2012 Watch it on Vimeo … [Read more...]

Lessons from Eiffel’s Tower


This past summer, my wife and I with our two children took the trip of a lifetime. With the help of a farewell gift from New Life Christian Reformed Church (where I was Senior Pastor for 16 years), we went on a three-week trip to Europe from late June until mid-July. This was my first ever trip to Europe. We flew from Chicago to Amsterdam and traveled by Eurorail to … [Read more...]