Ministry Experience

Your discernment process should be holistic – your head must think, your heart must feel, and your hands must do. In fact, sometimes you cannot know until you do. Countless lives of ministry begin with a single formative experience. How is God leading you through your experiences?

  • Facing Your Future (FYF) Program  Three week hands on chance for high school juniors and seniors to explore ministry and life’s biggest issues.
  • Serve/Encounter  Designed for high school students who want to experience further growth in faith, develop student leadership skills, and learn how to share their God stories.
  • Ministry Practices  Calvin Seminary faculty and staff consider these six areas of ministry practice the most important areas of competence for those who serve the church.
    • Evangelism, Discipleship, Teaching
    • Service, Social Justice, Cultural Engagement
    • Worship, Preaching
    • Community Life, Fellowship
    • Pastoral Care, Counseling
    • Administration, Leadership

    Check out this inventory of particular competencies and specific activity choices within these areas to see how you might begin practicing ministry right now in your own community. (The inventory was created for MDiv students at CTS, but it is useful for anyone contemplating a life of pastoral ministry. You can also read more about the context of Ministry Practices within our Mentored Ministries program.)

  • Mentoring  Consider finding someone to mentor you as you discern God’s call on your life. Choose someone who is serving the kingdom in a way that you might like to serve. Or find a person who is the kind of disciple that you would like to be some day. Good mentors offer their eyes to observe, their ears to listen, their voices to speak, their hands/feet to model, and their hearts to love the people they mentor. For suggestions on how to go about finding a mentor, email Pat Zandstra.