At this time, we offer the Master of Divinity (M.Div.), Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.), and the Diploma for Ministry via Distance Learning. With these expanded options, those called to ministry can receive sound Reformed theological training while staying rooted in their current home and ministry contexts.

A Flexible Approach. The Distance Learning program uses a hybrid approach to instruction, which enables church leaders to continue serving in their local contexts. It provides flexibility for families juggling a myriad of priorities. And a good number of our distance students have non-ministry jobs, presenting opportunities to bring theological reflection to bear on a variety of vocational settings.


Formation for Ministry in the Context of Community. A cohort-based program means that despite the distance that separates them, our students are forming bonds of friendship and fostering deeper learning as a result. In addition to frequent interactions in course discussion forums, they share and pray using Google Hangouts. Some mentoring groups circulate weekly prayer email lists. By bringing together students from many different contexts, the distance program is enriching theological education for ministry in a changing world.