Housing Form for Spring Intensive

World Missions Condo Housing Form for 2014 Spring Intensive

These units will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Not knowing how many of you will sign up for this option; we wanted to make this as fair and transparent as possible. • There are 2 units. One unit has 6 beds plus a pull-out couch. The other unit has 5 beds. We will assign these based upon the number of Male/Female sign ups. • The cost AT MOST is $35/night per room. This price may go down based upon the number of people staying in the condos. • Transportation will be your responsibility. The condos are several miles from the seminary. There is a bus route, but requires a transfer at Woodland Mall. Another option might be to make arrangements to carpool. • They are fully furnished: bedding, kitchen stuff, Wifi, laundry, plates, TV, sometimes a croc-pot. There will also be a notebook available upon arrival with information/instructions.