Info for New Students

Welcome to Calvin Theological Seminary! We are excited to welcome you to the CTS community and to the DL Program! We look forward to meeting you in person and you will also be getting a more formal orientation at Gateway (in August 2014), but in the meantime you can find some of the most pertinent info here as you prepare for the coming spring semester.

  1. Hybrid Courses: Distance Learning at CTS is based on what we call hybrid courses, meaning there are learning activities both online and on-campus.
    1. Fall and Spring semester courses are hybrid or blended.
    2. Exception: Please note that most summer courses are fully online.
    3. Course sequences for the various programs are available here:
      1. MDiv course sequence
      2. MTS course sequence
  2. Canvas Course: Distance Learning Program
    1. You will be enrolled in the “Distance Learning Program” course in Canvas, which is our Learning Management System (LMS)––the online environment in which you will be doing much of your course work.
    2. This is the place to meet and greet your fellow cohort members as well as other students in the DL program. In the past students have coordinated transportation and lodging for the intensives, exchanged and sold books, etc.
  3. Semester Schedule
    1. To get an idea of how the semester will unfold, view/download PDF of the schedule here.
    2. Please note that this is the recommended schedule for hybrid courses in Spring 2014, but individual instructors may follow a slightly different schedule.
  4. Book Lists
    1. You can find the list of books you need for your course(s) here.
    2. You can also check the “Syllabus” page in your course inside Canvas.
  5. Weekly Time Investment
    1. For a 3-credit course: approx 9 hours during regular online weeks + 18 hours during the intensive, adding up to approx 120 hours
    2. For a 2-credit course: approx 6 hours during regular online weeks + 12 hours during the intensive, adding up to approx 80 hours
    3. Time investment calculations are rough estimates and can range widely depending on student’s personal study habits, etc.
  6. On-Campus Intensive for Spring 2014
    1. Students are only required to be on-campus for the dates during which they have courses. Please consult the schedule (which can be found here) carefully as you coordinate your travel plans.
    2. More helpful details can be found under “Planning for Your Trip to Campus” on this page.
  7. On-Campus Orientation in August 2014: Gateway
    1. Please mark your calendars for Gateway, our orientation course: Aug 25-29.
    2. Please note that Gateway is required of all degree program students.
  8. Resources: As a distance student, you have access to many resources CTS has to offer. Here are some examples:
    1. Hekman Library: get instant access to electronic resources, receive books by mail.
    2. Dean of Students: connect with Rev. Jeff Sajdak, who is eager to serve our students
    3. Rhetoric Center: get help on papers from the Rhetoric Center
    4. Much more! Please email email hidden; JavaScript is required with any questions.