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  At Calvin Theological Seminary we are deeply invested in the personal and spiritual formation of every student. Rooted in Reformed theology, our Master of Divinity program is designed for the developing pastor and nurtures the individual growth and development essential to this important calling.

We like to think of the M.Div. program as the thread that brings together all the pieces of a biblical, authentic, contextual and life-changing ministry. Our new M.Div. curriculum integrates these dimensions through innovative learning and teaching methods and can be customized to ensure a formative and meaningful experience.

Calvin Theological Seminary students emerge as leaders, well equipped to go into all the world as stewards of the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. Our graduates positively impact people of all walks and all ages as they form communities of disciples, leading in ways that build up the church and advance the mission of God. We hope that you will join us on this valuable journey.


The Cornerstones of the Master of Divinity Program

In many ways a quality sermon mirrors a quality seminary education. At Calvin Theological Seminary we believe that both should be Biblical, Authentic, Contextual and Life Changing. Our new Master of Divinity curriculum is built on these four cornerstones–a foundation that connects the best of the Reformed tradition with the contemporary ministry practices essential for tomorrow’s leaders.

God’s Word is at the center of all learning. The M.Div. program provides Biblical grounding and supports the interpretation of Scripture from a thoughtful, Reformed perspective. Students utilize specialized software to mine the rich treasures of the scripture in its original languages with the goal of bringing the living Word of God to every part of life and ministry.

Calvin Theological Seminary is deeply invested in the personal and spiritual formation of every student. In this comprehensive approach, students grow in knowledge of God and self, in the practice of prayer and other spiritual disciplines and in the development of pastoral intelligence, humility and integrity – all of which build the kind of character needed for effective Christian leadership.

Students discern and engage various ministry contexts in order to function effectively in an increasingly cross-cultural world. Students are encouraged to demonstrate an awareness of the culture and issues of the day and to be prepared to work with a variety of groups and audiences.

Participation in the M.Div. program prepares students for life-changing ministry. Through personal and spiritual formation, course work, mentoring groups and apprenticeships, students are fully equipped to lead the church in forming communities of disciples.

A Developmental Curriculum

At CTS, we are concerned not only with what we teach but how we teach it. Our developmental pedagogy begins with basic literacy in all curricular areas, followed by increased in-depth analysis and culminates in multi-disciplinary integration.

Year One Focus: Literacy. Literacy courses establish the basic vocabulary, concepts and themes of theological education and ministry. They are the building blocks for seminary education and the foundation of the entire M.Div. curriculum.

Year Two Focus: Analysis. Analysis courses feature more in-depth examinations of themes in a given field of study. A number of analysis courses are electives which enable students to explore a focused amount of material. Electives encourage curiosity, imagination and life-long learning.

Year Three Focus: Integration. Integration courses feature intentionally interdisciplinary learning designed to help students draw upon their work from a variety of fields and experiences and apply it to specific ministry situations.

A Custom Education

We believe that a seminary education is not a one size fits all endeavor. Calvin Theological Seminary meets students where they are and is responsive to individual student needs and goals.

Semester Calendar
Our move to a semester calendar was motivated by our commitment to student well-being and success. A semester schedule promotes a healthy academic pace while allowing for more ministry experience as well as room for other areas of life.

Real World Learning
We know that ministry is a hands-on profession and that’s why real world experiences are integral to our curriculum and coursework. Learning continues outside of the classroom through participation in cross-cultural internships as well as other mentoring groups and service learning.

Flexibility and Specialization
There are many different ministry callings and the M.Div. program offers every student access to a range of ministry specializations, including: Pastoral Care, New Church Development, Worship, Missions, Youth Ministry and Theological Studies.

Competency Development Course Options
These one-credit courses, offered in January and May, help students hone skills in particular ministry areas. Courses feature hands-on activities usually focused on specific ministry skills such as developing oral and written communication, conducting weddings and funerals and mastering biblical studies software.

Realistic Three-Year Program
Supported by advanced standing options, M.Div. program requirements can be fulfilled within a three-year timeline.

Advanced Standing Opportunities
Advanced standing means that a student has gained competencies equivalent to those that would be obtained through a particular course. If granted, advanced standing reduces the number of CTS credit hours needed to complete one’s degree and can open doors to additional internships and specialized coursework. More information on advanced standing exams can be found here.

Make the CTS Connection

There are many reasons why a Calvin Theological Seminary education could be right for you. Maybe it’s our Reformed perspective. Perhaps you are seeking an education that provides a solid Biblical foundation and creatively engages the multitude of joys and challenges that accompany the decision to go into ministry. There’s a possibility that you are looking to explore the impact of global Christianity or are looking for an experience that deepens your own spirituality as you learn to guide the spirituality of others. Maybe you long for a student friendly environment or an easily accessible campus and location. In all these ways and more, Calvin Theological Seminary is a great fit for today’s learners and today’s world.

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