Bible Survey Comprehensive Examination (EPMC students only)

The Christian Reformed Church wants its ministers to have competency in the Christian
Scriptures, including knowledge of the principal theme of each biblical book, key biblical verses, biblical geography, biblical history, and the people of the Bible.

Bible Survey Course

One way to meet the requirement is to take and pass the Bible Survey course at Calvin Seminary (716B). The course is offered on campus in the Fall of each year, and online in the Summer of each year. It must be taken for credit. The course has received very positive reviews from students.

Bible Survey Exam

EPMC students can also meet the requirement by means of the Bible Survey exam. The
examination consists of about 75 questions that will ask the student to identify briefly key
biblical figures, locate biblical sites on a map, provide the dates for key events in biblical history, write the themes for several biblical books and several key biblical verses, and list the biblical books in their canonical order. Students will have three hours to complete the examination and must score at least 70% to pass.

All of the questions on the exam will be drawn from the material in the study guide. Please allow yourself at least three months to review the study guide in order to prepare adequately.

The Bible Survey exam is offered on campus four times per year: during Gateway to Seminary (late August or early September), in December, January, and April.

Students may choose to take the exam with a proctor at any time, but the exams are graded only 4 times per year in conjunction with the on campus testing dates. Specific test dates will be posted on the EPMC Program page each academic year.

Students who chooses to take the exam with a proctor need to contact Denise Mokma in the
Academic Affairs office with the arrangements they have made.

Students may take the exam as many times as needed. The initial exam is free, but subsequent exams cost $50 per test. A one month interval is required between tests.

In order to qualify for candidacy, EPMC students must either pass the Bible Survey Exam, or they must take and pass the Bible Survey course.

EPMC Residential Students

Residential EPMC students who choose to take the Bible Survey exam are strongly encouraged to take the exam during Gateway to Seminary in August/September.

If the student does not pass the exam, this will allow opportunity to take the Bible Survey course on campus in the Fall semester.

If residential students do take and pass the test, they may choose to audit the Bible Survey course in order to further equip themselves with a deeper understanding of the Scriptures and their Christ-focus.

EPMC Extended Learning Distance Students

EPMC distance students must take the Bible Survey exam no later than the end of April
of the year they wish to candidate. However, the longer the exam is postponed, the fewer
opportunities there will be to re-take the exam.

If a student does not pass the Bible Survey exam by the end of April, they have the option of
taking the online Bible Survey course in the summer following.