Ecclesiastical Program for Ministerial Candidacy

The Ecclesiastical Program for Ministerial Candidacy (EPMC) is designed for students who aspire to be ministers of the Word in the Christian Reformed Church (CRCNA) and who are studying at a seminary other than Calvin Theological Seminary.

All students enrolled at other seminaries and intending to seek candidacy in the CRCNA are required to meet the overall standards for candidacy that have been officially established by the Synod of the CRCNA for those who follow the regular course of study at Calvin Theological Seminary.

This program gives students an orientation to the theology, history, and ministry of the Christian Reformed Church, and walks with students on the final leg of the ministry formation journey to ministerial candidacy in the Christian Reformed Church.

The 10 credit program is offered in residence each fall, and it is offered year round as the “24 month Non-resident EPMC” mentor-focused program. Those interested in the “24 month Non-resident EPMC” option should contact Rev David Koll, Director of Candidacy for the CRCNA, (email hidden; JavaScript is required) for more information. Whether a student chooses the resident or the non-resident option, they must follow the application procedures described on this page.

Calvin Theological Seminary is pleased to offer this program on behalf of synod and the Candidacy Committee (CC), a synodical standing committee that processes all candidacy recommendations to synod. This ecclesiastical program applies to students who are following the route to ministry outlined in Article 6 of the Church Order of the Christian Reformed Church.

It is important for prospective EPMC students to acquaint themselves with program requirements and apply to the EPMC as early as possible in their M.Div. program, preferably after their first year. After being admitted to the program, students are asked to submit an unofficial transcript to Calvin Seminary once a year in the summer. This will allow us to monitor completion of admission requirements, track Greek and Hebrew language studies, stay informed of an expected date of enrollment and provide a foundation on which to encourage a student’s candidacy application. At the end of a student’s program, we require a final official transcript with the MDiv degree posted.

The deadline for fall enrollment in the EPMC is June 1. The deadline for spring enrollment in the non-resident EPMC is November 15

To help you monitor your progress in meeting program requirements, we recommend that you print this EPMC Checklist.

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