Joan Beelen

Contact Info: (616) 957-6027 email hidden; JavaScript is required

 Registrar and Academic Program Advisor

  • B.A. (Calvin College, 1983)
  • M.A. (Calvin Theological Seminary, 1991)

After graduating from Calvin Theological Seminary with a M.A. in Church Education, Joan served in educational and ministry coordination positions in three different churches across the United States and Canada. She also serves on the Staff Ministry Committee of the Christian Reformed Church. Having enjoyed her time at the seminary as a student Joan is thrilled to be back at her alma mater! She now looks forward to serving the students, faculty, staff, and the broader church in her role:

In my position as Registrar and Academic Program Adviser, my hope is that I will serve the community by doing my task well but also by treating each person with respect and kindness. My time in staff ministry at various churches has given me a clear idea of the joys and demands of ministry, and the gifts, knowledge, and character needed to thrive. It is my prayer that we will all grow together in each of these areas as we live together in community here at CTS.” One of Joan’s greatest joys is spending time with her 27 nieces and nephews. She also loves crossword puzzles, traveling, and playing “Settlers of the Catan.”