President’s Welcome to Students

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Welcome to Calvin Theological Seminary!

We are delighted to have you join our community here in Grand Rapids! You may have heard that we are beginning  –  together. On August 1, 2011, I became President of Calvin Theological Seminary. I will be learning right alongside you and I look forward to our sharing this time together.

You probably arrive at CTS with certain expectations or even assumptions. CTS has a reputation as a school with a rigorous academic curriculum and a strong commitment to the Reformed faith and confessions. You will receive a solid theological education here at CTS. For 135 years, CTS has been working, growing and developing to serve the Church as the Church serves the Mission of God. In recent years, we have refocused our curriculum and calendar to center on “Formation for Ministry.”

We are a learning community of faith. There are a number of opportunities and environments where your participation is desired and needed. We worship together. We pray together. We learn from one another.

The seminary community worships in a variety of ways through student prayer groups, community chapel services and early morning prayer times. We invite you to find a rhythm of worship  –  in community.

CTS receives students from over 20 countries, who bring cultural and ethnic diversity that energizes classroom discussion and enriches community life. Through a number of opportunities we learn what God is doing around the world and experience first-hand different styles of prayer and worship. We have witnessed the formation of friendships that bridge cultural barriers that last a lifetime.

You will find study at CTS rewarding and enriching, but also rigorous and demanding. You may become particularly stressed as you try to balance responsibilities at home, school, church and work. Please know that you have a Christian community here who supports you and prays for you. Your fellow students, your professors and, if you participate in the mentored ministries program, the group members, leader and your vocational mentor are all here to encourage you.

Again, we are excited to welcome you to CTS and come along side you in this new stage of your Christian journey. We pray that God will bless you here at Calvin Seminary and through you bless others!

In His Service With You,

Rev. Jul Medenblik
President of Calvin Theological Seminary