1876  Organized as the Theological School of the Christian Reformed Church, and located on Spring Street
1876  Geert Egberts Boer, Docent (1876-1902)
1892  Move to campus at Madison Ave. and Franklin St. (Fifth Ave.). Grand Rapids, MI
1894  September 8  Literary course, or education preliminary to seminary instruction, begins (course is comparable to high school curriculum).
1900  Literary course extended to five years and opened to non pre-seminary students
1901  September 4  First women students admitted
1906  First public commencement at LaGrave Ave. Christian Reformed Church
1907  Student journal/newspaper Chimes begins, Alumni Association begins
1908  Junior college course begun – 6 year program included 4 years high school and 2 years college
1914  Three year college course begun, Franklin Campus purchased
1917  Move to Franklin Campus, Grand Rapids, MI
1919  First college president
1920  Four year college course begun
1921  First graduate with bachelor’s degrees
1924  As Grand Rapids Christian High School opens, last year for preparatory students, first dormitory opens
1925  Teacher training curriculum added
1926  First dean of women, Johanna Timmer
1928  March 8 Hekman Library dedicated
1930  October 29 Franklin seminary building dedicated
1931  Louis Berkhof, President (1931-1944)
1944  Samuel Volbeda, President (1944-1952)
1946  Enrollment jumps from 503 to 1245 in one year
1950  College enters M.I.A.A.
1952  R.B. Kuiper, President (1952-1956)
1956  Knollcrest campus purchase approved by Synod of Christian Reformed Church
1956  John H. Kromminga, President (1956-1983)
1960  Theological Seminary begins classes on Knollcrest Campus
1962  First college classes at held Knollcrest
1973  Move to Knollcrest complete
1983  James A. De Jong, President (1983-2003)
1991  Seminary and College have separate boards of trustees
2002  Cornelius (Neal) Plantinga Jr., President and Charles W. Colson Professor of Theology (2002-2011)
2002  Seminary Student Center dedicated
2004  Renovated Seminary Chapel dedicated Video (Real Player)
2011  Julius Medenblik, President (2011-)