Photo of Mariano Avila

Mariano Avila

Professor of New Testament, Director of ThM Program

Phone: 616-957-6934
Photo of Amanda Benckhuysen

Amanda Benckhuysen

Associate Professor of Old Testament

Phone: (616) 957-6074
Photo of Claudia Beversluis

Claudia Beversluis

Adjunct Professor of Educational Ministry and Pastoral Care

Phone: (616) 526-6102
Photo of Lyle Bierma

Lyle D. Bierma

Jean and Kenneth Baker Professor of Systematic Theology

Phone: (616) 957-6605
Photo of John Bolt

John Bolt

Professor of Systematic Theology

Phone: (616) 957-6010
Photo of Carl Bosma

Carl J. Bosma

Associate Professor of Old Testament, Director of the Institute for Global Church Planting and Renewal

Phone: (616) 957-6022
Photo of Emily Brink

Emily R. Brink

Adjunct Professor of Church Music and Worship emerita

Phone: (616) 526-8732
Photo of Sarah Chun

Sarah Chun

Associate Dean of Students

Phone: (616) 957-6015
Photo of John Cooper

John W. Cooper

Professor of Philosophical Theology

Phone: (616) 957-6038
Photo of Dean Deppe

Dean Deppe

Professor of New Testament

Phone: (616) 957-6018
Photo of Ronald Feenstra

Ronald Feenstra

Academic Dean, Professor of Systematic and Philosophical Theology

Phone: (616) 957-7193
Photo of Paul Fields

Paul W. Fields

Theological Librarian

Phone: (616) 526-7041
Photo of Alvern Gelder

Alvern Gelder

Director of Mentored Ministries

Phone: (616) 957-6045
Photo of Danjuma Gibson

Danjuma Gibson

Lecturer in Pastoral Care

Phone: (616) 957-6025
Photo of Darwin Glassford

Darwin Glassford

Director of MA Program, Professor of Church Education

Phone: (616) 957-6032
Photo of Michael Goheen

Michael Goheen

Professor of Missiology

Phone: (616) 957-6032
Photo of Lee Hardy

Lee Hardy

Adjunct Professor of Philosophical Theology

Phone: (616) 526-6417
Photo of Scott Hoezee

Scott E. Hoezee

Director of the Center for Excellence in Preaching

Phone: (616) 957-6085
Photo of Roy Hopp

Roy Hopp

Adjunct Professor of Choral Music

Home Phone: 616-949-7483
Photo of Arie Leder

Arie C. Leder

Martin J. Wyngaarden Senior Professor in Old Testament Studies

Phone: (616) 957-7023
Photo of Stan Mast

Stan Mast

Adjunct Professor of Preaching

Home Phone: (616) 957-8592
Photo of Julius Medenblik

Julius Medenblik

President, Professor of Church Planting and Leadership

Phone: (616) 957-6044
Photo of Richard Muller

Richard A. Muller

P. J. Zondervan Professor of Historical Theology

Phone: (616) 957-7195
Photo of John Rottman

John M. Rottman

Professor of Preaching

Phone: (616) 957-6017
Photo of David Rylaarsdam

David M. Rylaarsdam

Professor of Historical Theology

Phone: (616) 957-6035
Photo of Jeffrey Sajdak

Jeffrey Sajdak

Dean of Students

Phone: (616) 957-6042
Photo of Lugene Schemper

Lugene Schemper

Theological Librarian

Phone: (616) 526-6121
Photo of Sarah Schreiber

Sarah Schreiber

Assistant Professor of Old Testament

Phone: (616) 957-6069
Photo of Albert Strydhorst

Albert Strydhorst

Lee S. Huizenga Distinguished Missionary in Residence

Phone: (616) 957-6074
Photo of Calvin Van Reken

Calvin P. Van Reken

Professor of Moral Theology

Phone: (616) 957-6023
Photo of Mary Vanden Berg

Mary L. Vanden Berg

Associate Academic Dean, Director of the MTS Program, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology

Phone: (616) 957-6021
Photo of Howard Vanderwell

Howard Vanderwell

Adjunct Professor of Worship

Phone: (616) 957-8737
Photo of Jeffrey Weima

Jeffrey Weima

Professor of New Testament

Phone: (616) 957-6019
Photo of Michael Williams

Michael Williams

Professor of Old Testament

Phone: (616) 957-6033
Photo of John Witvliet

John D. Witvliet

Professor of Worship

Phone: (616) 526-6806