Board of Trustees


Meeting dates: October 23-24, 2014
February 19-20, 2015 (or Conference Call only on either date);
May 21-22, 2015; October 15-16, 2015

BOT Officers
President: Mr. Sid Jansma, Jr.
Vice President: Rev. Andrew Vander Leek
Secretary: Ms. Teresa Renkema

Region 1 (Classes B.C. North-West and B.C. South-East)
Rev. Andrew Vander Leek

Region 2 (Classes Alberta North, Alberta South/Saskatchewan and Lake Superior – Canadian congregations)
Rev. Victor Ko

Region 3 (Classes Eastern Canada, Quinte, and Toronto)
Ms. Wendy Gritter

Region 4 (Classes Chatham, Hamilton, Huron, and Niagara)
Rev. Jeff Klingenberg
Mr. Hank Vander Laan

Region 5 (Classes Columbia, Pacific Northwest, and Yellowstone)
Rev. William Wilton

Region 6 (Classes Central California, Great Los Angeles, California South and Pacific Hanmi)

Region 7 (Classes Rockey Mountain, Red Mesa and Arizona)
Rev. John Dykhuis

Region 8 (Classes Heartland, Iakota, Lake Superior – U.S. Congregations, Minnkota, Northcentral Iowa, and Pella)
Dr. Karen De Mol
Rev. Timothy Ouwinga

Region 9 (Classes Illiana, Chicago South, Northern Illinois, and Wisconsin)
Rev. William Sytsma

Region 10 (Classes Georgetown, Holland, Kalamazoo, Muskegon, Northern Michigan, and Zeeland)
Mr. Myles Kuperus

Region 11 (Classes Grand Rapids East, Grand Rapids North, Grand Rapids South, Grandville, Lake Erie, and Thornapple Valley)
Rev. Curt Walters
Ms. Teresa Renkema

Region 12 (Classes Atlantic Northeast, Hackensack, Hudson, and Southeast U.S.)
Dr. Donald Belanus

Trustees at Large
Mr. Sidney Jansma Jr.
Ms. Susan Keesen
Dr. Yudha Thianto