Tears and Joy

At the Synod of 2010, I was interviewed and affirmed as the 7th President of Calvin Theological Seminary.  That Synod was held at Trinity Christian College which is about a half-hour drive from the church where I was the founding pastor – New Life Church in New Lenox, Illinois.

At the morning session of Synod after I was affirmed as President-Elect, the children of New Life were part of the Opening Devotions.  The children played in a bell choir and we joined voices on the songs they helped lead.  I saw children that I had baptized as their pastor and I thought about my transition away from them and I cried.

Later in that same day, Calvin Seminary students were introduced as Candidates for the ministry of the Christian Reformed Church.  I saw these students on the edge of their being called to the church and I gave thanks to God for His prompting me to remember that I was still going to minister to children.  I gave thanks for these “children of the church”.

One of the joys I experience is meeting students and learning their stories.  They come from communities of faith and it takes a supportive community for these “children of the church” to take their next step in following the calling of God upon their lives.

I want to especially thank you for your part in supporting Calvin Seminary.  You are helping us form a supportive community for these children as well.  Thank you for the “family of faith” that is encouraging the next generation of students at Calvin Theological Seminary.  May God be praised!

New Students Update from President Medenblik

Monday, August 26, 2013 is a day when new students are scheduled to begin their class work and orientation at Calvin Seminary in a two-week program that is the “Gateway” to their seminary experience. (A week before on August 19, we start our International Student orientation.) At this time, we hope to welcome 84 new students at Calvin Seminary. A large portion of those students will be entering the Master of Divinity Program. In 2011, we welcomed 34 MDIV students.  In 2012, we welcomed 37 MDIV students. In 2013, we hope to welcome 47 MDIV students.

The growth in our Master of Divinity class is related to the opportunity for people to enter into our Distance Master of Divinity program. In this past year, we completed our first year of using cohorts (small groups), on-line teaching and intensive weeks of training to offer a Calvin Seminary education to people who can also work, live and minister where they are. We continue to see great interest in this new way of providing a seminary education. Last year, 14 students began in the Distance Master of Divinity program. This fall, 17 students are scheduled to start their Master of Divinity program in this distance format.  We give thanks to God for answers to prayer. We invite your prayers for all our students.

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