Observational “No Worry” Living

Matthew 6:25-34 

Jesus said we were to consider the lilies of the field and the birds of the air. Jesus asked us to observe in order to live – in order that we might live by faith not in worry. I don’t know about you, but “worry-free” living is not always easy. Maybe we have to “consider” or “observe” the world around us to see how God is still at work in this world.

I enjoy observational humor. I enjoy Jerry Seinfeld and Jeff Foxworthy and their looking at the oddities of life. There is much to observe in this world that will lead to laughter, but maybe observing life will lead to a “deeper” world and life view.

Jackie and I were recently on a plane heading back to the cold of Chicago. As we settled in, we saw across the aisle a very young woman carrying a very small baby. The baby was obviously was just a few months old. The baby was so dependent upon her mother and the mother looked like she could still be in high school.

As I watched this new mom, I wondered about how this journey began for her. Maybe because friends of ours had just had their unwed daughter share that she was having a baby, I wondered.

I wondered: “Where is the father?” I wondered: “How is she making it?” I wondered: “How does her own mother and father feel about their little girl growing up so fast?”

While I was in the midst of my wonderings, a female steward came to the young lady and handed her a folded bill (I thought a $20 or maybe more) and say – “This is from your mom, she wanted you to have it.” And there it was. I don’t know how this journey began for this young girl, but I do know in that moment of separation between a mother and child that a mother reached out to connect not just financially, but emotionally. I saw generosity. I saw support. I saw a mother’s love.

In the next moment, I saw the young lady get her phone out and began to text. I presume that she was texting her mother. In that moment, I also saw thankfulness.

Maybe Jesus wants us to not just observe lilies of the field or birds of the air. Maybe Jesus wants us to open our eyes and see how he is still at work in the world. What are you seeing that can help you live the life that Jesus has promised for you?

Just observing!


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